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"The work is you knowing yourself."

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Dr Janice Brown Wellness Visionary DTCM
Meet Dr Janice


I'm so happy you're here! I think the most important thing we'll ever do is really come to know ourselves, and that's how I can give you a nudge in a helpful direction.

The work is you, knowing yourself.

I am so fulfilled by helping people see the true brilliance of who they are. There are so many aspects of care that contribute to a person’s wellbeing and that is what excites me, watching people blossom into their fullness.

Loving your mind, body and soul is the key to a fulfilled life, no matter who you are and what condition you are experiencing.

…there is no body without mind, no mind without spirit, no spirit without the soul.


You are all these aspects rolled into one delightful being (that's you), meant to be moving forward in purpose and joy.

My work as a wellness visionary is to help you, see You.

Are you ready to:

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I am here to help you see yourself through the loving eyes of the True Self. If you’d like to work with me, please connect.

L O V I N G   M I N D   B O D Y   S O U L



Dr Janice Brown D.Ac., Dip. TCM,

SolePath Certified Mentor, Rev.

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SolePath Mentoring


Who are you born to be? I am a Spiritual Warrior and an Intellectual Lateral Thinker, knowing this has changed everything for me.


Are you ready to go deeper in knowing yourself?



Acupuncture & Wellness Mentoring


The body has an innate wisdom that keeps it on the path to healing and restoring wellness. This is the mission of the body to repair itself, to always be moving towards harmony and balance, to keep the system whole and integrated, to be a healthy vessel for the mind and the soul.