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I have a genuine passion for helping people discover who they really are.

In the SolePath body of work, this would be attributed to honouring my gifts and greatness in this life. Otherwise, know as one of my LightPaths (Spiritual Warrior). The gift or characteristic of the Spiritual Warrior is to bring about focused, resourceful, beneficial change to the world and the people around them.

I do this through my practice of acupuncture, my SolePath Mentoring and sharing insights about the benefits of the wisdom within.

The wisdom within is what I like to call our connection to Higher Self. It is the benevolence in each of us. Over time and life experience we come to realize there is a pearl of quiet, peaceful wisdom in us all. That is the gift for each of us to discover, the recognition of our true selves as expressed by our fundamental beingness.

There is no magic to this only realizing the wonder that can be known by all. To know yourself is the true worth of knowing who you are in relation to the experiences you have in life, a unique journey for everyone. There is a path that lights up for each of us, this is mine. What is yours?

You are meant to recognize your greatness and remember who you are.

There is a simple truth in this for you. You are enough. Just as you are. No need for alteration or improvements. You are a perfect creation, the work of your life is in coming to know this at a deep, resonant level.

L O V I N G   M I N D   B O D Y   S O U L

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