"There is so much about Chinese medicine that delights the mind and fills the heart with joy."

Are you ready to go deeper in knowing yourself?

There is so much about Chinese medicine that delights the mind and fills the heart with joy. It is a never-ending exploration of the relationships that exist within the body and in this, there is a certain appreciation that can be really wonderful to share.

This is the joy of Chinese medicine and it is the reason I am passionate about sharing my wisdom and knowledge with others about the magical and most practical ways of experiencing this and restoring wellness.


When I speak of the body, it is only a term used in reference to the entire being that you are. It is this being that is honoured through Chinese medicine; for there is no body without mind, no mind without spirit, no spirit without the soul. All encompassed as one being, moving forward in purpose and joy.

When there is a hitch in the system, there is a need to understand where and why. This is only the beginning of the exploration; for once we know the where and why we are able to determine what would benefit the where and how to resolve the why.


The why is the question that begs the attention of the thoughtful mind? What is holding? What is releasing? What is blocking? What is flowing? When these questions can be answered then and only then can the treatment begin. The treatment is a blend of well thought out and recognized points for release and support.

The body has an innate wisdom that keeps it on the path to healing and restoring wellness. This is the mission of the body to repair itself, to always be moving towards harmony and balance, to keep the system whole and integrated, to be a healthy vessel for the mind and the soul.

The worries of the mind play their part in the dismantling of wellness; overthinking, worrying and constant doubt are undermining the system in a way that is understood by Chinese medicine. These are aspects of fear-based thinking that can cause many issues in the physical and emotional health of the being.

What is at first neck pain, when looking deeper is perhaps the fear of discovery, the inability to turn and look at the future or to turn away from the past. The mind questions and the body holds. They are connected and what one aspect is experiencing negatively will eventually result in a pattern of disharmony within the entire being.

These patterns and syndromes have been documented by ancient doctors over the span of centuries of inquiry and observation. Where on the spectrum does the pattern lie? Is it hot or cold? Yin or yang? Internal or external? Excess or deficient? Which organ system is impacted? Is it the channel or the organ itself? What emotion is present? Underlying? Expressed or repressed? What story do the pulses tell? What internal balance or disharmony does the tongue show? What does the person tell you? All this information weaves a tale of truth that is being expressed in this moment, for all treatments are based on where a person is on that day.

The body is always in a state of flux, transitioning from where it is to another way of being. Moving in flow or obstructing flow, there is no healthy stasis. When stasis occurs, stagnation develops and this too is a part of the pattern tale.

The classic Chinese medical principle is:

tong zhi butong/butong zhi tong
If there is pain, there is no free flow;
If there is no free flow, there is pain.

There are dozens of patterns, each telling a very specific story; stagnation, wind, fire to name a few.

Let’s take the simple example of a headache. In western medicine, there are some common terms: cluster, tension or a migraine to describe a few headaches. In Chinese medicine a headache is only a symptom of a pattern disharmony such as: wind cold, wind heat, damp wind, constrained liver qi, liver fire blazing up, liver yang rising, blood deficiency, blood stagnation are some potential patterns that the body tells the story of and defines.

The wisdom is in the Body Mind Spirit Emotion Complex, it is a storyteller waiting for someone to listen.

So what is the outcome when treated using Chinese medicine principles and acupuncture?

When your body begins healing with the help of Chinese medicine and acupuncture, the expression of your life will begin to change in subtle and transformative ways. The blocks that hold you back, simply dissolve over time. Your energy and enthusiasm for life is renewed.

Emotionally, if you are feeling disconnected from your self and your life, acupuncture and awareness can help you bring balance to the Body Mind Spirit Emotion Complex where the manifestations of your life are impacted.


These are the things we desire and the things we resist and how we carry them in our bodies. They are either an expression of our joy or an expression of our pain. Acupuncture can help resolve these Heart pains, restoring peace and wellness.

L O V I N G   M I N D   B O D Y   S O U L



Dr Janice Brown R.Ac., D.Ac., Dip. TCM

SolePath Certified Mentor, Rev., SolePath Trainer

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