Emotional Resilience in Everyday Life

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Emotional resilience is a necessary skill for all people in navigating their daily life experience.

In times of triumph you give little thought to the impact that your emotions have on your life experience; but as you move through the day, confronted by little or large frustrations and turmoil these negative emotions have an impact on the experience of your life.

Over time, the impact of negative emotion on your life is telling. It colours everything you do. When you look at emotion through the lens of Chinese medicine, a distinct picture is painted with these colours. And so, as a practitioner of Chinese medicine, I ask; I ask you personal questions and curious questions. There are undercurrents of emotion present in varying expressions of illness or with particular organ systems in Chinese medicine understanding.

Each organ system in Chinese medicine has its own expression of emotion and so I see a relationship towards the resolution or progression of a condition you may be experiencing through the lens of the emotion that you express. Emotions can be the key to your experience of illness and wellness. Understanding yourself at a new and deeper level only helps you, as you live your life with either a sense of peace and grace or frustration and hopelessness.

In Chinese medicine, I use my understanding of emotions as a diagnostic tool, as well as, a treatment potential. Even if you're not able to work with a Chinese medicine practitioner, know that there are things you can do.

Ask yourself, what can change by having a deeper awareness?

  • A deeper awareness of the emotions you are expressing.

  • A deeper awareness of the feelings you are having.

  • A deeper awareness of the choices you make around navigating the emotional feedback of your life.

What can you do right now in this moment?

Simply, move towards a deeper understanding of self. Anytime you are experiencing life by reaction, know that you can come to a calmer and deeper sense of peace. My absolute favourite way to move towards these deep understandings of my own response towards what is happening in my life is the study of the Tao. I do this through either learning more about my SolePath (which is only about me) or enjoying the understandings of the Daily Pulse, which are teachings on the rhythm of the Tao. As author and teacher, Dr Debra Ford reminds us:

“The Daily Pulse puts you in sync with the Tao, the heartbeat of nature. The Tao is the essential rhythm of nature, the fundamental pulse of our world.”

Here are some ways you can study your relationship with the Tao in your own personal life experience.

(I just thought you'd like to know that my recommendation comes from the heart; I know the benefit these understandings bring to my life and they are part of my own personal practice.)

Daily pulse: A morning ritual for Peace and Calm on insight timer, if you’re already part of this meditation community you can just pop into the classroom at any time and register for this 10-day course. If you’re new to the community it is a subscription-based membership, it works out to $5 a month but the platform bills annually.

The Daily Pulse Course is a self-paced course for your own personal understanding and fulfilment. No tests, no homework (other than your own personal journaling and contemplation of the understandings of each chapter). Each lesson includes a meditative experience followed by some journaling time. Here is the meditation video for the course introduction, to give you an idea what the course format is like.

(10 guided lessons, combining mediation and journaling. Use this coupon code for $50 off - dailypulse50.)

And remember that you will need a journal. There are contemplative cues on exploring your own life experience with each chapter and study of the trigrams of the Tao and how they have a special influence on your life.

Enjoy reading the book, mine is very well used. I open my book at least once a week when I see something flit by in my field of view and it reminds me of something that I’ve heard or come to understanding is a natural part of my life experience.

Dr Debra offers antidotes and actions for the various ways you may be experiencing negative emotion or outcome in your life. Such a beautiful and simple tool to make a difference in your life.

Or even just stop for a quick pause in your day and listen to a two minute breathe prayer. I actually like to put the Breath Prayers playlist on YouTube autoplay and have a little mediation time for 20 minutes just enjoying the sound and beautiful tones of Dr Debra’s voice.

Those are my suggestions for ways you can begin to explore your relationship with the Tao.

Need some clarity on navigating your emotions and health conditions in your life?

I’m here to help in any way I can. SolePath Mentoring is an option for guidance on the deep study of self and I’m really there as a supportive touchstone to help guide you through some of the common fields of questions and point you in the direction to do the work.

It will always come back to you; the work is you, knowing yourself. And that my friend, is the thing you must do for yourself. It’s just nice to know you have someone there who can lend a helping hand along the way.

A final takeaway for you

Acupuncture has a powerful ability to help reset your nervous system taking you out of the fight-or-flight response. The ability to spend some time in this profound state of relaxation helps the body heal and assists in reconditioning the stress levels in your life. Wherever you are in this beautiful world, there is something so special about how acupuncture can help take you to this calm state of being. Look into finding a practitioner who will help you on your way.

I look forward to answering your questions or you can book in to see me for intelligent, heart-centred care.


Dr Janice Brown, R.Ac., D.Ac., Dip. TCM Certified SolePath Mentor, Rev., SolePath Trainer

Dr Janice has been involved in the health care field for over 20 years, she began her study of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in 2008. You can see Dr Janice at her clinic at the beautiful SolePath Institute in Calgary, Alberta CANADA.

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