Solving the Acupuncture Puzzle

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Acupuncturists are interesting!

Have you ever noticed your acupuncturist just staring at a random part of your body for no explicable reason? Only to suddenly light up and go after one more needle in just the right spot. The icing on the cake!

When an acupuncturist looks at you, their mind is walking down many pathways at once. Looking at relationships, peeking under rocks, observing the climate. All these considerations are happening simultaneously. You may say something part way through the appointment that you thought was completely irrelevant and it will open a whole new window of inquiry.

Like opening up a new tab on your computer, there is more information, another subtlety to consider.

The inside of an acupuncturists mind is like looking at a futuristic, holographic computer model, spinning turning, lighting up in different colours. All a representation of what is happening in your body, what meridians are implicated, where can the issue be met with grace and if necessary some persuasion to adapt, adjust, rebalance.

There is a beauty to this, solving a 3D puzzle. Where do the pieces fit? What started the decline or the obstruction? What’s already been impacted? What will be impacted next? Ultimately, how can a needle be placed in just the right spot to have the most benefit and address the most issues, simultaneously?

When’s a good time to get acupuncture?

Anytime. Acupuncture is good for chronic and acute conditions, injuries illness, prevention and emotional ease. It is wonderful at addressing those vague conditions: “I just don’t feel like myself.”, “I’m thirsty but don’t want to drink.”, “My body feels so heavy, I barely have the energy to move.”

Acupuncture is a living, breathing modality, it is adjusting at every treatment. It is not a status quo stimulation, it’s an ongoing unfolding.

Acupuncture is a beautiful medicine that can help you on your path to health. Treat yourself to a little more breathing room in your life. Restoring balance using Acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

I look forward to answering your questions.

Book in to see me for intelligent, heart-centred care.


Dr Janice Brown, R.Ac., D.Ac., Dip. TCM Certified SolePath Mentor, Rev., SolePath Trainer

Dr Janice has been involved in the health care field for over 20 years, she began her study of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in 2008. You can see Dr Janice at her clinic at the beautiful SolePath Institute in Calgary, Alberta CANADA.

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