Ordinary living is life. Be gentle with yourself and remember you are amazing.

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Remembering who you are is one of the great journeys and gifts of your life.


I do this for myself with writing and journaling. Writing things down helps bring a shape to my world and so I jot notes and write endless monologues to myself and scribble little pictures. Things that are within you need to find a way of expressing into your life. For me this is the simplest path to self discovery.


When you remember who you are, you will find that you are set free from the need to strive for every piece of ground you gain. Remembering who you are entails a certain level of surrender and open-heartedness, not to be confused with laziness or foolhardiness.

Consider who you are in this very moment and know that you are enough. Surrender to this because there is a newness to the way you see the world when you have surrendered a level of control to the wonder of what may be.

The wonder


When you have the wonder, the rest arrives. When you have the wonder, the rest unfolds. When you have the wonder, you are the receiver of all the wonder-ful gifts that are meant for you to unwrap in your life and showcase for all the world (or just yourself) to see. The choice is always yours.

The important thing to consider when you are remembering who you are is to honour the person that you have become. To look gently on the errors and mistakes of the past, for it is only a fragment of the brilliance of you.

Eventually, you may even find that you are entirely too satisfied with your experience of the past to look at it with the eyes of a remorseful, downtrodden person. The past is a path, your path. The place you’ve already been; there is no equivalent in the universe as to what the meaning of a past is and how it contributes to the evolution of your soul. The only way to grow as a soul is to continue to experience the expressions of living that life presents to you.


You are the one who is in a position to create a great unfoldment of being. You are the one who is in a position to integrate into every experience the will of your heart or the won’t of your mind.

The HeartMind connection is a place of mysterious and fantastical presence. It is a place of wonder, a place of untold beauty and a place of inner connection so sweet, so subtle and so unspeakably beautiful that it will take your breath away. When you remember who you are, you open the doorway to your true self, your high knowing and your ever-present soul resonance.

This vibration is the vibration of your truth, your vibration, the one that only you can align to. This is the purpose of alignment, to be in frequency with your high self and your true knowing. There is a remarkable and yet ordinary brilliance to this alignment, for it is your birthright, your treasure and your love for self, made manifest that expresses who you are in your truth.


The truth of who you are is only for you to determine, no other soul, person or agenda can determine who you are. It is not yours to discover; it is yours to remember. Enjoy your journey!

The insights of high knowing and higher self are some of my favourite things to explore. It’s been a long journey of opening and slamming shut and opening again to understanding that we are all on a deep journey of understanding who we are and what life is about. I know that I will forever be a student of this journey of life and inquiry.

Where have you been and where will you go? Write it down and treasure your deep introspection.

With Love,




Final Thought:


I’ve always had this vision that writing would be peaceful, beautiful downtime in a secluded inspirational location. My experience, however,  is that true inspiration whispers and A-ha’s at in-opportune writing times; doing the dishes, driving, listening to my kids play or argue, catching myself cycling an undermining thought (primarily because these are the time my mind wonders and questions about the whys of the experiences in my life). It’s all just life, grab it however it comes.

Ordinary living IS life. Be gentle with yourself and remember; you are amazing.

"Look gently on the errors and mistakes of the past, for it is only a fragment of the brilliance of you."

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