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Our Time Together

It's about finding that comfortable easy place inside. Where life moves with grace and hopefully you do too. There is a certain poise that belongs with a feeling of deep satisfaction in being yourself. Being content in the moment and having a particular sense of resilience and certainty.

This is the place where we meet, on the path to your own personal discovery and deep satisfaction with self.


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Complimentary SolePath Conversation


30 min

$0 CDN

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SolePath Mentoring


$120 CDN

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New Client Acupuncture Session


$120 CDN


Acupuncture for 

Wellness Session


$120 CDN

Acupuncture Treatment
Poppy Field




Janice is warm and welcoming, professional and VERY skilled at her practice. I highly recommend making time for her on your journey to health.



Dr Janice has helped me in 3 treatments to calm my emotions, ease the discomfort I had in my toes and help me to sleep through the night. Dr Janice has integrity and pride. I highly recommend Dr Janice to be your personal Acupuncturist.


Janice, thank you again for another wonderful session, geez, cannot wait to see my super powers after a second session! LOL.  Seriously, one acupuncture treatment for my vertigo and fear of heights and I have lost count of the mountain peaks I have conquered.