"Is it time to start crafting the life you've always wanted to live?"

"I am a Spiritual Warrior and

an Intellectual Lateral Thinker."

Do you ever feel like you need a reminder about what your life is about?

A reminder about who you are and what your purpose is? SolePath is a body of work that helps you find your purpose and joy in life. It is a simple yet powerful guidance to understand who you are at the deepest level. You will find SolePath when you are ready for some clear and heartfelt direction in navigating the experiences of your life.

There is really only the wish to understand your actions and behaviour as you respond to life the way you uniquely do. To understand who you are at a soul level. When you have this desire to understand who you are at a subconscious level you will find the SolePath tools and insights to be the most profound reasoning you will encounter in terms of peeling back the layers of you.

Your SolePath is a braid of two expanding LightPaths, a progression LightPath and joyful LightPath, and one collapsing DarkPath. Think of your Paths as characteristics or tendencies, instincts related to your very specific personality.

SolePath helps you understand yourself, your relationships and your beautiful life purpose. It’s a fun and joyful discovery of your underlying blueprint, the one you chose to learn through in this lifetime. You can understand more about yourself in a few sessions than you have learned in any other way.


Keeping in mind that you are the one who chose your SolePath it is easier to look at your life and understand the ways you have decided to react to different situations and have been driven to pursue activities and opportunities in your life the way you have.

SolePath helps you understand the subtleties of you and really there is no greater gift you can give yourself than the gift of understanding. Remind yourself about you. SolePath energy analysis are completed by donation. Here’s the link to find out yours.

What is SolePath?

Your Gifts and Greatness lie in your LightPaths; there are twenty-two LightPaths, of which each person has two. In my LightPaths, I am a Spiritual Warrior and an Intellectual Lateral Thinker.

Your DarkPath is where your growth and evolution lie, there are also twenty-two DarkPaths. My DarkPath is also in the Intellectual category, it is a SolePath called Intellectual Controller.

I originally had my SolePath done because I was interested in what it was, more of a curiosity. I came back to it later to learn more about my Paths when I was struggling with challenges in my life that I couldn’t find a way to understand.

Eventually, I wished to learn more deeply about myself and how to ask the questions that I needed the answers to find clarity and comfort for myself. It was extremely helpful when I was needing to embrace a life that had more peace and ease.

As I began to see all the insights that my SolePath had for me as an individual, I eventually understood that it also had a significant impact in my close relationships. Understanding my children’s SolePaths has made me a parent who can support them in a way that is more meaningful and rewarding for them as the unique individuals they are.

Eventually, my riddle and puzzle-solving mind (that Intellectual category) was so stimulated by the layers and depths of information that is involved in the SolePath body of work that I completed the SolePath Certified Technician Training and then went onto the Mentorship program.

A Certified SolePath Mentor is a person who has had in-depth training in the SolePath work that can help you understand the intricacies and relationships of the way your unique SolePath braid entwines.

Having your SolePath done reminds you of the Paths that you have chosen to most successfully engage in your life to meet the goals of your personal evolution.

Image by Elijah Hiett